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The Complete Foundation

$159.00 USD

In this lesson you will learn to apply a full face of makeup on yourself from start to finish—whether you want a "barely there" look for everyday wear or more drama for a night out. Your look will be customized to YOU and your exact facial features and coloring rather than a one-size-fits all approach that you get in YouTube tutorials or makeup sales counters. 

Your lesson will be broken into three parts:

1. The Beauty Breakdown—this includes a full facial analysis to determine your unique face shape, coloring, bone structure, eye shape, eye angle, eye spacing. Your custom lookwill be based on this facial analysis, as well as your own personal taste and preference. We'll also do a makeup bag review. I'll teach you how to better use what you have and toss what isn't working. 

2. Hands On—In this portion of the lesson we'll use the information gathered in your facial analysis to create your custom makeup look. I'll demo on one side of your face, and you'll practice on the other side with guidance from me. We'll use any of your products you'd like to know how to use better, and you'll get to try things from my professional makeup kit as well. Depending on your needs, we'll cover things like:
—How to prep your skin so your makeup lasts
—How to match and properly apply your foundation
—How to conceal so you can have an even-looking skin without it looking like you're wearing makeup
—How and where to apply blush, concealer, contour and highlight
—How to choose eye shadow colors and apply eye makeup that best suits your eye color, eye shape, eye angle, eye spacing, and personal style
—Choosing and applying lipstick colors that work best for you
—How to shape your brows in a way that's most flattering to your face
—How to transition a day look into a night look
—And more...

3. Custom Beauty Plan—In the final part of your lesson, I'll provide you with the tools you need to confidently apply your makeup at home. I'll create a custom Makeup Map of your unique features and the look we created for you so you can have it as a reference when you go to do your makeup at home. I'll also advise you on products you may want to add to your regimen and guide you on where to splurge vs. where to save (taking into account any brand or budget preferences you may have).    

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