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Behind the Scenes at Utah Fashion Week 2017

Last week was a whirlwind prepping for and working on makeup looks for two shows during Utah Fashion Week. For the swim wear show I was paired with the lovely Emily Smith for the debut of her new line Tanlines Swimwear. It was her first collection and her first time showing as a designer at fashion week and she blew me away! 

I had a blast working on this show. My undergraduate degree is in marketing, so I LOVE when I get to work on jobs where I can pair my marketing skills and makeup artistry together. Emily was kind enough to indulge me and let me nerd out creating a little branding brief for her swimwear collection as it relates to makeup. You can browse through that here:

After going through the branding brief with Emily and tweaking some things to make sure it was on target with her vision, I took those concepts and made face charts for the show using my actual makeup products:

From there it was just planning the schedule, sending the models tons of logistical information and preparation tips, and getting my kit together for the show. 

It was a bit chaotic the day of the show, but I think that’s just the nature of runway shows ;) I did the makeup for all six models, and Maddie B and her assistant whipped out some amazing braided hairstyles. Meanwhile, Emily and her team were busy sewing last-minute additions to the suits and styling the accessories. 

We got everything done right in time for the first show to start. I was backstage doing last-minute touchups so I didn’t see the first show, but I got to pop in the for evening show and see the girls walk.

Admittedly I’m a bit biased, but I think our models were some of the best out there. They were styled wonderfully and all the elements came together for them to look like a cohesive collection rather than a bunch of random swimsuits made by the same person. Roxana Baker Photography snapped all the amazing shots that day: 

It was such a fun experience working with this team and combining my passions.

 If you all know anyone looking for branding + makeup please pass along my info! Whether it’s designing a character based off your script or coming up with a customer avatar for your new product line, I’d love to help your vision come to life! 

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