Natalie Krall Artistry

Pantone Spring Floral Beauty Shoot

Earlier this spring I wanted to push myself a bit and try my hand at putting together some spring and summer beauty shoots. 

I researched and planned the concepts, created mood boards, went through dozens of models to cast the talent, made face charts, gathered props, and coordinated the logistics of the shoot. You can see some snippets from the mood board below: 

Chaz Wheeler was kind enough to collaborate with me on the concepts and he shot and edited all the photos. And Ryan Ashlee Colton was our model for this set. 

I tend to gravitate towards beauty editorials with clean, glowing skin and softer makeup, so I wanted to create something along those lines.  My goal for these shoots was to create a few different series of photos that looked like they could be published in some sort of commercial, industry, or beauty magazine. 

I mentioned this in my Instagram post the other day, but working with flowers and live plants is tough! I know pretty much nothing about flowers, but I had to work around what was in season and available, plus what worked for my budget, plus what fit the color scheme, plus trying to find perfect versions of every flower for close-up beauty shots. I must have gone back and forth to Ensign Floral in Salt Lake City at least four times trying to find the right things. 

So my respect for florists definitely shot up after this shoot! I would have loved to work with a florist on this, but all the ones I know in Utah are in the wedding industry and aren’t super interested in adding a beauty shoot to their portfolio. Most of my budget was eaten up just by the flowers themselves, so I didn’t have room left to hire someone to actually plan and and style them for me. Hopefully I’ll get there next season though! 

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