Natalie Krall Artistry

Simple and Cute Halloween Ideas for Your Kids

This Halloween collaboration with Dressed Collective was a bit last-minute, but I love how it turned out. Christina with Sweet Orange Photography killed it on the edits, the kids had a blast with the costumes and the smoke bombs, and I loved working with them. I love it when my mini clients rave to their moms about how they want to wear their makeup every day! 

Is it weird that I love how haunting and creepy these turned out? Wednesday Addams and Beetlejuice for the win! 

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: I used moss from a craft store applied with eyelash glue for the gross green stuff on the Beetlejuice boy and girl. The rest was just white face paint or powder, green hairspray (like $2 at Walmart) and pink, purple and green eyeshadows. So easy and fun!

Ok and finally, how about the details on that Goldybelle dress?! That’s worth all the heart eyes emojis right there. Little Kendall was the most patient model, and she was so excited to get her face painted “like Maria Posada from The Book of Life.” 

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