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Oscars 2017 Red Carpet Beauty Review

The 2017 Academy Awards were last night, so naturally I spent the afternoon and evening analyzing red carpet looks and waiting to hear who won the award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. 

I aspire to do makeup at this level, so it’s important for me to keep tabs on the award-winning films for makeup and hair as well as what looks and techniques are winning on the red carpet. 

For award shows, top level artists have to take into account all the various lighting scenarios their client will be in (daylight vs. harsh flash on the carpet vs. strong stage lighting, etc) and create a look that translates well in all of them. See how different Emma Stone looks, for example, in high flash against the pink backdrop vs. softer light on the white backdrop vs. accepting her award under stage lights:

On top of that, red carpet makeup artists are also creating something that will last, that flatters their client’s features, and that goes well with the hair and wardrobe choices for the client for that night. And many times the artists are doing all of this on a tight timeline while the client is multi-tasking and constantly moving in the artist’s chair. 

It’s all very hard work. So hats off to the artists who worked the show last night! Here are some of my favorite looks from the evening:

I love red carpet makeup because it’s not only beautiful, but also intentional. The looks are designed to complement the client’s features, wardrobe and hair as well as fit the occasion and the various lighting situations. Everything is done intentionally and needs to flow together for the entire look to work out. 

In contrast, I feel like the makeup trends floating around Instagram and social media right now are often over-the-top and lacking purpose—slathering makeup on in layers just for the sake of wearing more makeup without thinking about WHY. The end result is usually aging, cakey, and unflattering because there’s too much product and EVERYTHING on your face is competing for attention rather than bringing out your best features. 

More of my thoughts on that in a future post, but for now I just wanted to celebrate some of my favorite red carpet looks from last night’s Oscars and tip my hat to those amazing artists. 

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